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Yoga with Yvette

Ultimately, self-care must include the inside, by taking care of the mind & subtle body. This is why we offer one of the oldest methods for harmonizing the mind… Yoga. We often associate the word Yoga with exercise or strange looking postures that young, fit, flexible people can only do. However, here at The Center for Vital Living, we understanding that Yoga is more about inner peace & harmony. We may accomplish this by moving the body into gentle postures or by laying still for a guided meditation. Yvette has been teaching Yoga for over 9 years with a specialty in Individualized Yoga, otherwise known as Therapeutic Yoga. Just as we formulate our Vital Living Wellness products, through the lens of Ayurveda, we design our classes based on season & need. In Yvette’s classes, you are in loving hands!
We offer:
~Yoga Classes
~Breathing Practices
~Guided Meditations
~Wellness Tips
You can access our online Yoga studio by clicking the below button.


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