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Yvette Racines is the creator of Vital Living Wellness and the founder of The Center for Vital Living LLC. Her main purpose is to support those who are ready to feel their best by incorporating Self-Love, daily practices. She leads by example, as her self-love routine is naturally a part of her & her family’s daily life.

As a highly trained Yoga Therapy instructor, Yvette owned, operated, & taught Yoga Therapy at her Northern California wellness center for over 6 years before shutting down in 2021. Yvette has served hundreds of Yoga clients both in group classes and one on one, private sessions. She has completed hundreds of hours of advanced Yogic & Ayurvedic teachings which together offers a natural & complete way of life.

After completing her advanced diploma program with The School of Natural Skincare, it was clear Yvette could weave her knowledge of formulating into her understanding of Yoga & Ayurveda…..to create a holistic, self-love brand, Vital Living Wellness.

Yvette Racines

CEO The Center For Vital Living LLC

About Vital living wellness

Our Story

Since ancient times, self-care has been a priority for many cultures. It was understood that if one was to have a radiant existence, proper nourishment for the whole person was necessary. Self-care was a non-spoken commitment to vitality, balance, and harmony.

We created Vital Living Wellness for those who want to reignite their commitment to wellness without sacrificing health, our planet, & our integrity. We do this by supporting the whole person. We create plant based products with simple, sustainable, clean, uncomplicated, and organic ingredients. Toxins, synthetics, or potentially cancer-causing chemicals are non existent in our ingredient lists and we promise to keep our standards high! We believe less is more in the variety and quantity of ingredients put into our products. All of our products are created, formulated, and made by Yvette Racines.

So, how does ancient wisdom fit into our products? Yoga & Ayurveda, ancient sciences from India, teach us some very basic yet profound ways to be in health & harmony from the inside out. Self-care doesn’t only apply to the body, the mind must be tended to and nurtured as well. Just like we wash dirt & residue off of our face at the end of the day, we must clear our minds from all of the known & unknown “dirt” that can cloud our thinking, actions, & communication. Our products are based around deep & holistic teachings. Yoga, thousands of years old, is about resolving disturbances in the mind so one can experience the truth of their being, which is, “you are already whole & complete as you are” (Spirit). However, we forget this because the mind is so overwhelmed with daily, worldly, problems & distractions. For this, we turn to Yoga. We offer an online Yoga studio which includes seasonal Yoga, breathing practices, guided meditation, and wellness classes. Your Yoga & Wellness practice can go with you wherever you are, day or night! By the way, our classes are sequenced in a way that beginners and advanced students can benefit.

Ayurveda means knowledge of life. We know it as the world’s oldest system of health care and healing. Ayurveda teaches us how to find and maintain balance in our life through our actions. How we do this is by caring for the complete self….. the mind, the body, the spirit. This is the intention behind Vital Living Wellness. We want to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to care for your entire self and teach you how to make this a part of your daily life.

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A Deeper Meaning

You will often see the word Ayurveda or Ancient Wisdom on our blogs or product descriptions. What does that mean and how is that connected with our products? Ayurveda is an ancient, but still relevant, healthcare science that has its roots in India. The name Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life”. This system provides a deep understanding of what it means to be in harmony with our surroundings. We do this by following & honoring the laws of nature.

According to Ayurveda, nature includes the elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. Not only do we see these qualities in our external environment, such as the different season, we also find the elemental qualities in our inner environment. For example, some of us naturally have more air qualities and we see this come across as being light, vibrant, sensitive, “airy”, often cold, and sometimes ungrounded, anxious, & unpredictable. While some of us, earth dominates. We see this come across as being wellbuilt, grounded, loving, patient, often cold, and sometimes lethargic, unmotivated, tend toward depression. And of course, we all can think of a friend (or maybe ourselves) that have more fire in our constitution and we see this as brilliant, attractive, confident, sharp, and sometimes easily angered, always hot, & irritable. Each of us have a unique combination of these elements which we call our constitution or mind/body type, or blueprint. When these qualities get out of balance, due to diet, poor habits, lack of self-care, we notice we don’t feel like ourselves. Ayurveda gives us a roadmap to help maintain & balance our constitution.

Everything we do here at Vital Living Wellness is based on this very concept. Every product that we create has a purpose or an intention behind it. We always have someone in mind when we create a product. For example, people who tend toward tension & stress do best with cooling ingredients, calming scents, easeful types of exercise like gentle Yoga & Meditation. While, those who tend toward lethargy, lack of motivation, & depression do best with stimulating scents, more vigorous types of exercise, and getting outside their comfort zone. The point is that there’s not one type of way for every person, one type of ingredient for every person, and we must honor this when we are looking to balance our mind and body. Our Vital Living Wellness products offer a way to support you and your unique self!

We bring in our principle “natural & simple”. If we can’t make a product without the use of toxic ingredients, we will not make it. To us, natural is an item found in nature that maintains its chemical structure, even if the consistency changes. These are things like oils made from seeds or nuts. We also use naturally derived ingredients, which are, items grown in nature which have been minimally processed to provide a desired performance, and their chemical structure has changed. These are things like essential oils, hydrosols, natural preservatives and waxes. Some formulators believe that the more ingredients you add to a product, the better it is. This is simply not true. Some of the most simple combinations of oils and herbs/plants can have amazing benefits. We have found that the more ingredients added to a product, the more complicated it gets with fillers & synthetic preservatives added to create stability, safety, and efficacy and it makes it difficult to know what ingredient may be bothering your skin. Fewer ingredients also means less packaging waste, which is at the forefront of our core values. We create our Vital Living Wellness products with a minimalist mindset and we trust our ingredients are effective, safe, and of the highest quality for our customers. That’s our promise to you!

The Center for Vital Living LLC

“In order to feel whole & complete, we have to nurture all aspects of ourselves.”

Yvette Racines

By The Center For Vital Living LLC


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