About Vital Living Wellness

  • I prioritize my self-care, if not I don't have enough to serve those I love.

Since ancient times, self-care has been a priority for many cultures. It was understood that if one was to have a radiant existence, proper nourishment for the whole person was necessary. Self-care was a non-spoken commitment to vitality, balance, and harmony.

We created Vital Living Wellness for those who want to reignite their commitment to wellness without sacrificing health & our planet, & our integrity. We do this by supporting the whole person. We create plant based products with simple, sustainable, clean, uncomplicated, and organic ingredients. Toxins, synthetics, or potentially cancer-causing chemicals are non existent in our ingredient lists and we promise to keep our standards high! We believe less is more in the variety and quantity of ingredients put into our products. All of our products are created, formulated, and made by Yvette Racines, Founder of The Center for Vital Living and the Vital Living Wellness product line.

So, how does ancient wisdom fit into our products? Yoga & Ayurveda, ancient sciences from India, teach us some very basic yet profound ways to be in health & harmony from the inside out. Self-care doesn't only apply to the body, the mind must be tended to and nurtured as well. Just like we wash dirt & residue off of our face at the end of the day, we must clear our minds from all of the known & unknown "dirt" that can cloud our thinking, actions, & communication. In 2010, Yvette began studying Yoga & Ayurveda. Yoga, thousands of years old, means "quieting the mind so one can experience the truth of their being. The truth of your being is, "you are already whole & complete as you are" (Spirit). However, we forget this because the mind is so overwhelmed with daily, worldly, problems & distractions. We offer an online Yoga studio which includes seasonal Yoga, breathing practices, guided meditation, and wellness classes. Your Yoga & Wellness practice can go with you wherever you are, day or night! By the way, our classes are sequenced in a way that beginners or advanced students can enjoy.

Ayurveda means knowledge of life. We know it as the world’s oldest system of health care and healing,  Ayurveda teaches us how to find and maintain balance in our life through our actions. How we do that is by caring for the complete self….. the mind, the body, the spirit. This is the intention behind Vital Living Wellness. We want to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to care for your entire self and teach you how to make this a part of your daily life.