Essential Oils & Blends

Not only do we use Snow Lotus Essential Oils in almost all of our Vital Living Wellness products, we are so honored to offer their oils to you! They are a local, ethical company here in Sonoma County. The owner, Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H. sources and selects the oils directly from small farmers & producers worldwide who ethically wild harvest or sustainably cultivate the plants and distill the oils in small batches. Because of working directly with artisan, and not commercial producers, they do not compromise quality–the oils remain genuine, authentic and as unadulterated as when they were first distilled. Most Snow Lotus oils are certified organic by trusted agencies (Ecocert, Ceres, Qualite-France, etc.) in their country of origin, as well as certified NOP organic by the USDA. The result is essential oils that are guaranteed fully potent and bioavailable when used for treatment purposes. In addition, Snow Lotus essential oils support the widening global movement that strives to uplift and strengthen cultural, ecological, and biological diversity and sustainability.

Essential or aromatic oils were used by some of the earliest civilizations around the world. They used these oils for their aromatic, therapeutic, & cosmetic purposes such as baths, massages, healing wounds, and creating appealing body aromas. Ancient cultures knew the direct connection between the mind and the body and how smell can affect a sense of wellbeing. Still today, these aromatic compounds are highly sought after for their countless benefits.

Please note, we do not intend our essential oil blends to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Instead, we create our roll-on blends to offer a pleasant, aromatic experience and therefore influencing the mood and or disposition, inspiring wellness!